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Good News! New Look for Internet Banking

On Monday, March 2 we are giving Community Bank Internet Banking a new look to give you, the user, more control on how you view your account information online.

What isn't changing?

  • Your Online Banking ID and Password are the same
  • The website is the same
  • All the same features that you currently use are still available

So, what is changing?

  • Color Scheme
    • The pages you view will now have different colors, Gray, White, Blue and Red.
  • Screen Layout - Two Options          
    • You can continue to view the pages as in the past or as we call it the "Traditional" or "Legacy" view
    • Or, you can configure your "My Netteller" Page


What is "My Netteller" Page?

My Netteller Page lets you be in control.  By configuring your "My Netteller" page, you decide how you want to see your information and where on the screen you want to see it.

How do I setup "My Netteller"?

  • Log into Internet Banking
  • To begin using "My Netteller", click on the tab or icon titled "My Netteller"
  • Then click "Configure This Page"
  • Then start designing your page
  • You have three columns that you can configure.
  • You will be designing "Widgets"
  • Enable the "Did You Know" widget in the Right Column for helpful tips in setting up your page
  • To keep "My Netteller" as your default page the "Set as Start Page" must be checked
  • Widgets can be removed or added at any time by clicking "Configure This Page"
  • If a widget has an icon that looks like a gear, you can determine the content of this widget (i.e. which accounts are viewed, date range, etc...)

What is a Widget?

A Widget is the ability to design a portion or section of a screen to see specific information (i.e.  Account Balances, Transfers, Bill Payments, Recent Transactions, etc...).

We encourage you to give the "My Netteller" a try.  You can make changes as often as you like.  When you have the screen setup the way you want, please be sure you check the "Set as Start Page", otherwise your default page will still be the Traditional or Legacy view.

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