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Shopping today is easier than ever, from online retailers to just swiping a card, the world of retail is at our fingertips. But enhanced convenience comes with risks that may compromise your financial security. To help keep you safe, Community Bank has launched an enhance Fraud Alert System compiled a checklist of tips to help all of us be safer shoppers.


We’ve Enhanced our Fraud Alert System at Community Bank

If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, we’ll send you a text message alert. If there is no response, we’ll call you to confirm or deny fraud before authorizing the charge.

If you suspect fraudulent activity – contact us! Call one of our Fraud Analysts at 304-485-7991 immediately to report the incident.


Be A Smarter Shopper

Protect your information when you choose PIN codes and passwords, avoid the obvious choices like a birthdate or street address. Use a combination of lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create a stronger password. It’s always wise to use different passwords for each account.

It’s highly unlikely credible retailers would ever ask for a password to your bank account, so be wary of any inquiries for sensitive information.

Stay alert! When shopping in-person, be alert for any suspicious looking credit and debit card reading devices, such as a plastic sleeve inside the card slot. Fraudsters have the ability to attach their own device over a legitimate card reader to scan and steal your information.

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