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As parents and grandparents, the issue of keeping children safe is always top of mind. There are a few basic, but important things parents and grandparents can do to keep their kids safe online:

  1. Kids are trusting. And naïve. They need rules that are non-negotiable. For example, create strong passwords: Ie3ponS! is an example (an abbreviation of “I eat 3 pancakes on Sunday!”) of one that’s easy to remember and unique. Change it every three months. Don’t use the same password for everything. And don’t give your password to anyone.
  2. Free offers usually aren’t. Don’t let your kids give their personal information away without your approval.
  3. Preview any apps your kids want to download. Check to see what information they require and if they sell or share that information.

This is the world we’re living in, and teaching sound safety practices will help them develop good lifelong cybersecurity habits. It’s not easy. Keep learning. And keep teaching.