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We’ve all seen the familiar Public Service Announcements on NBC extolling the virtues of learning new things. I was reminded of it at what may seem to be a strange point in time – while I was banking on my phone.

To everyone who has, or is considering, mobile banking the benefits are obvious – speed, 24/7 access, and ease of use.

But mobile banking has another high value dividend: by having the power to deposit money, pay people, and manage my cash flow, mobile banking has made me more aware of my financial situation and habits. As a result, now I pay more attention to small things I used to ignore, like anticipating a balance “issue” before it happens. With mobile banking I have a handle on my overall financial health, and I have direct control over maintaining and improving it.

So, while I still enjoy the specific features of mobile banking, I’d also recommend it as a way of learning more about your broader financial picture so you can make smarter decisions.

Because, as they say, the more you know, the better you can be.