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Credit Analyst

Career Details

Full-Time 631 Juliana Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101 Posted on 8/19/2019

Summary Description

  • Analyzes loan data, loan quality and adherence to regulations and insurance protection on new and existing loans.  Data includes: Credit Reports, Financial Statements (Personal & Business), Tax Returns (Personal & Business), as well as any analysis provided by Correspondent  Banks.  This position will also be responsible for preparing  assessments, oversee  that the bank is in compliance with HMDA(Home Mortgage Disclosure Act), preparation of the quarterly allowance and loan loss calculation and prepare for the loan portion of audits/examinations.

Essential Functions

  • Analyze new commercial loans, including renewal and extensions.
  • Prepare credit memorandums and loan write ups
  • Oversee the request, submission and receipt of financial statements
  • Provide assessments on loan condition
  • HMDA compliance and procedures
  • Coordinate, prepare and follow up on the loan portion of  audits/examinations
  • Preparation of the quarterly allowance for loan loss calculation.



  • Able to adjust quickly to different work situations; remain composed under pressure and stressful situations.


  • Must be able to understand numbers and use those skills as they pertain to the loan underwriting process.  Must be organized, efficient, and able to work independently and be detail oriented in order to generate accurate reports.

Attention to Detail:

  • Regard for all important details to assure accuracy in every transaction performed; detect errors; follow through on corrections and details.

Oral/Written Communication:

  • Must be able to communicate thoughts clearly, both orally and written.  Must be able to communicate throughout the organization and to all levels of staff as well as external contacts.

Organization Skills:

  • Must be able to prioritize tasks and have the ability to meet deadlines.

Time Management:

  • Ability to effectively manage one’s time to complete work according to established deadlines.  The ability to prioritize tasks to make the best use of time for high priority tasks.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred in business administration with a concentration in finance management or accounting. Ability to analyze and interpret financial statements
  •  2-3 years of related experience.
  • This job requires skills needed in a typical office environment.  This includes computer skills, communications skills, as well as utilization of office equipment.