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Make Your Move

At Community Bank, we’re all about simple.

That’s why we’ve made a simple step-by-step guide to switch your account to us. Follow the steps below and you’ll be all set.

1. Open your checking account.

Visit any of our locations to open your new account.

2. Stop using your old account.

Allow time for any outstanding checks, direct deposits, or automatic payments to clear. Make sure there are enough funds in your old account to cover these transactions.

3. Provide us with your information.

Download and fill out the Make Your Move forms – or sit down with one of our Customer Service Representatives and we’ll fill them out for you.


4. Close your old account.

After all of the transactions from your old account are complete (this can take up to two weeks), transfer all remaining money from your old account to your new account and send them the Close Account form. 

Close Account (PDF)

Welcome to the Community!