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NEW! Premium Interest for Business Customers

Business Rewards
Money Market Index Account

This account is available to businesses that ...

•  Have a current Business Checking account or Business Loan with us*

•  Have filed with the Secretary of State as a valid business*



Guaranteed rate for 1 year from account opening 0.75% APY**

$25,000 minimum balance to earn interest and avoid service charge.

1-year guaranteed rate from account opening contingent on
qualifications and balance.


Interest rate tiers after the first year ...

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Daily BalanceInterest Rate Information

Based on 40% of 13-week T-bill rate


Based on 50% of 13-week T-bill rate


Based on 60% of 13-week T-bill rate

$250,000 or more

Based on 75% of 13-week T-bill rate


The higher your balance, the more you earn!


Why your business needs a Money Market account

Whether you are saving for a planned purchase or want savings for an unexpected event, our Business Rewards Money Market Index account is a hassle-free way to grow your funds. You can maximize your savings and earn interest, while still having easy access to your funds through Online and Mobile Banking.


You also enjoy …


Open your account today!


*If the business does not meet these qualifications, they have 30 days to comply or the account will be converted to a non-interest-bearing account.

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield. One year after account opening, your rate may change at any time and will be contingent on qualifications and on the daily balance in your account. $25,000 minimum daily balance to earn interest and avoid monthly service charges. $25 service charge if the balance falls below $25,000 any day of the statement cycle. Transfers from this account to another account or to third parties by pre-authorized, automatic, telephone, or computer transfer or by check, draft, or similar order are limited to six per month. If more than six transfers during the month, $10 fee per transfer over six. No charge for e-Statements, $2 fee per month for paper statements.

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